Why do I work as a private doctor ?

I want to have time for you ! You need time to offer the best medical care or advice and in order to take a professional decision it is necessary to hold a detailed conversation. I will take the time needed for your questions, worries, your desires and your body.

I would like to give you appointments, also on short term notice, without having to wait long. If you leave my surgery feeling content and being looked after well I am happy too. Personal treatment is very important to me. I take great care at each gynecological examination and do a thorough ultrasound every time.

Costs and refund

As a private doctor I do not have a contract with the national health insurance. You will receive an invoice for your examination, which you may send to the health or your private insurance to receive a refund. Your retention depends on the medical treatment. The health insurance pays up to 80% of the standard rate.

For the pharmacy you only pay the standard rate for the prescribed medicine of course.